Biller Genie integrates directly with AccountingSuite, supercharging the software.

There is no action needed on your part besides connecting the two software – which is simple. All you do is click a button and enter your AccountingSuite login.

Customer data in your AccountingSuite account automatically gets sent to Biller Genie. When you make an update in one platform, it syncs to the other.
All transactions made in AccountingSuite are automatically pulled into Biller Genie, and payments are reconciled to ensure invoices align across both platforms.
If an invoice is updated in AccountingSuite, it will upload to Biller Genie and trigger the Invoice Messenger tool to send follow-up emails on your set schedule.
When you create an invoice in AccountingSuite, Biller Genie takes over. As soon as your customer makes a payment using Biller Genie, it will automatically post to AccountingSuite.


Will my customers be able to make online payments?

Yes! When you supercharge Accounting Suite with Biller Genie, your customers will be able to securely make payments with credit card, ACH, and more, at any time.

How are payments received and recorded?

When a customer makes an online payment using Biller Genie, it will automatically post to AccountingSuite ™.

Can my customer make a standalone payment?

Definitely! Simply attach a standalone payment initiated in Biller Genie to an AccountingSuite™ invoice at a later date.

How will my customers know they are making a payment to me and not to Biller Genie?

With Biller Genie’s Branded Customer Portal your customers can login and will immediately be greeted with your logo and brand colors. With the ability to upload your logo and branding, you can link the portal directly to your website and begin creating a familiar payment experience.

What else does the Branded Customer Portal offer?

Aside from making secure online payments, your customers can view past invoices, set up recurring payments, and store payment information.

Where should I create new invoices?

When you create a new invoice in AccountingSuite, it will update in Biller Genie. At this time, invoices made in Biller Genie will not sync to your AccountingSuite™ account. If you choose to use Biller Genie to create invoices, just be sure to do a manual update shortly after in AccountingSuite.

Should I create new customers in Biller Genie, or in AccountingSuite™?

Whichever you choose! When you create a new customer in Biller Genie, it will automatically upload in AccountingSuite™, and vice versa.

What happens during the first sync and how long is it?

When you connect AccountingSuite™ to Biller Genie for the first time, new invoice reminders will be turned on, and all open invoices will automatically resend. The duration of the first sync depends on how much information needs to be transferred from AccountingSuite™, but is typically completed in under 10 minutes. It should be noted that subsequent syncs will take mere seconds.

How often does synching take place?

AccountingSuite™ will sync with Biller Genie every three to five minutes, or whenever a change is made to a customer or invoice.

How do I know it’s working correctly?

If an issue arises, Biller Genie’s Smart Notification Center will alert you of any action items requiring your attention in your dashboard.

For more details on how to connect your AccountingSuite account to Biller Genie, or learn more about the integration, please visit the Knowledge Center.

About AccountingSuite™?

AccountingSuite™ is a powerful, all-in-one business application for accounting, cloud banking, order management, inventory management, project and time tracking in one cloud-driven platform. AccountingSuite™’s mission is to provide easy to use, no-nonsense software that is scalable for startups, entrepreneurs, and growing companies to manage not only finances, but day to day operations.

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